Microsoft Preferred add-on for
Dynamics 365 & Power Apps

Get accurate data across all Dynamics 365 entities.
PreventIdentifyMerge existing duplicates across the entire system.
Phonetic Fields algorithm indexing data by sound, as pronounced and by correction rate of 99%.

Turn duplicated into one

Duplicate records are a thing of the past

Quickly and easily prevent duplicate records

Realtime Duplicate Detection helps your business capture duplicates before they get created.

Works on standard and custom enteties. Works on user and integration level.

Create your own rules to match your business needs

Define advanced Duplicate Detection rules without limitations.

Based on your predefined rules, you can easily prevent and capture duplicates on any entity with just one click.

The absolute best-known algorithm for detecting duplicates - Metaphone 3.

Phonetic Fields is a algorithm for indexing names by sound, as pronounced and by correction rate of 99%.

Metaphone 3 further improves phonetic encoding of words in English, German and Spanish. Works on all enteties standard and custom.

Quickly merge a large number of duplicates on any entity

Maintain good data quality, increase productivity.
Auto merge existing duplicates by defining your merging rules criteria.

Merge a large number of duplicates on any entity.

Manual merge any record on any entity

Maintain good data quality, increase productivity.
Manual merge existing duplicates by selecting data you need.

Works on all enteties - push merge function for end-users trageting own data.

Why use Duplicate Detection as a part of Dynamics 365 or Power Apps

Capture real-time duplicates before they even enter your system. Get valid data across multiple channels, then allow your team to take right actions with key insights.

The power of reducing duplicated data

Duplicate data can significantly hurt the view of your customers and it is the responsibility of all business users to effectively manage data at every touch point with CRM.


Decrease of cloud storage

$1.5 M

Companies savings in cloud billing


Reduced errors due to duplication

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