Solving challenge #1 – Duplicate in Business Units

Solving challenge #1 – Duplicate in Business Units

Solving challenge #1 – Duplicate in Business Units

Why is this a challenge?
Let me explain.

Default duplicate detection in Dynamics CRM can only match duplicates on those records that the user is allowed to read. It makes sense, but this can be a problem for some companies where the same record already exists in another business unit that user is not allowed to read/see.

Default duplicate detection won’t detect this duplicate and user will create a new record.

Let’s say that the record was named ‘Company A’. This record is now duplicate in the system where each record is in the own business unit.

If the users are only allowed to read from their business unit, then this is not duplicate for them. They can only see the one from their business unit. So, what is the problem?

First problem: if you have parent business unit that can read from child business units, this record will be shown twice for users from parent business unit. This would be a duplicate record for them.

Second problem: ‘Company A’ can be contacted by different users because the user didn’t know that someone is already working in this company from another business unit.

Third problem: how can the user know if there is existing record in another business unit, so the user doesn’t create a duplicate?

One solution for these problems is to use duplicate detection addon for Dynamics CRM. If you have duplicate detection addon, then it will work like this:

For this scenario, I will use the company that has HQ in Italy and offices in DK, UK, and DE. Business units set up in CRM is like this:


Louise, Abbie and Anna can only read/see data from their own business unit.
Jasmina can read/see all the data in the system.

We have the account in CRM that is named ‘Company A’. The owner is Louise, and the company is in DK business unit. Abbie and Anna can’t read/see this account because they are not in the same business unit.

‘Company A’ is an international company and for some reason, Abbie receives a call from the company. She searches in CRM but can’t find the company. Therefore, she wants to create the company and clicks ‘Save’ but the warning window pops up showing Abbie that the same record is already in the CRM, and who the owner is. She can read that Louise is the owner. Abbie will send an e-mail or call Louise regarding this phone call from the Company A. She will also ask Louise to share the account, so they work on the same account in CRM.


How was this achieved? Here is how:

You can control for each duplicate detection rule how it will detect duplicates, search for duplicates on the records that the user can read, search records that one specific user can read or scan the whole system.

Note: This is only for detecting duplicates. The user won’t be able to open records that she/he is not allowed to.

With the second feature to achieve this, you can select which view to use when showing duplicates. In this scenario, it is critical to see the owner of the record. I created a new view in CRM and added field Owner in columns, saved it as ‘Owner View’ and used it on the duplicate detection rule.


Example of settings:


If you want to try the addon, there is free trial,
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