Read This Before Enabling New Grid Feature in Dynamics 365

Read This Before Enabling New Grid Feature in Dynamics 365


I had some time today to check out new features in Dynamics 365 version 8.2 and one of the features that I was excited to try out, is the new grid function, where you can edit data directly from the view.

Because Cowia Solutions has Duplicate Detection Addon for Dynamics CRM, I wanted to test how grid editing is working with default duplicate detection and the addon.

In my testing, I have found several issues and that is why I’m writing this blog to let you know until Microsoft fixes these issues.

Issue 1: When activating or deactivating grid feature for an entity, it will deactivate duplicate rules for that entity.
(It will not deactivate duplicate rules for the Duplicate Detection Addon)

Before enabling:

After enabling grid feature:

Issue 2:

After re-enabling default duplicate rules and if you edit directly in the grid, it will not prompt with duplicate warning if there are duplicates, for example, you have account named ‘Cowia’ and another ‘Cowiaa’, if you edit ‘Cowiaa’ to ‘Cowia’, it will not warn you for duplicate.
This is also the case for the Duplicate Detection Addon, but if you have set the duplicate rule to not allow duplicates, it will not allow the user to save and create a duplicate.

Issue 3:

When creating new record for an entity that has grid enabled, the default duplicate warning will show up but it will not show the duplicate records:

Here is example:

Duplicate warning of Duplicate Detection Addon works fine:


If you want to give Duplicate Detection Addon a try, here is link to AppSource: Click here