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Wonderful Copenhagen is the official tourism organization for The Capital Region of Denmark, working to promote and develop both business and leisure tourism in Denmark. They manage their business relations through Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Concerning GDPR, Wonderful Copenhagen is, like many other companies, obligated to rethink stronger data governance. The purpose of this project was not only to comply with the GDPR regulations but also to accommodate the needs of the different business units. One of Michael Schuldt’s (Head of IT) priorities was to remove the business unit silos and empower the teams with a unified view of the customer. The challenge was data quality where duplicates being the greatest sinner. Michael needed a tool to clean duplicates in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

After a short testing period, this is what head of IT Michael Schuldt says about Duplicate Detection Addon for Dynamics 365.

“To begin with we tried the default duplicate detection functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365, but quickly realized that the default solution could not solve our need. The Duplicate Detection Addon from Techdio looked very promising. We have done some initial tests, and we were convinced. This product helps us define own duplicate queries easily and enables us to run the defined rules toward any data/object that exists in Dynamics 365. Also, it doesn’t stop here, it takes the step further and provides tools for auto merge.

One of the great benefits is saving many merge hours/days/weeks with few clicks, and the result is clean data in Dynamics 365. The auto-merge feature also provides the option to merge the desired related records into the master record.

The best part of the Duplicate Detection Addon is that we are today in control of data as we can govern data by preventing users from the creation of duplicate records. We are very excited to further explorer the capabilities of the Duplicate Detection Addon provided by Techdio.”

“I will defiantly recommend Duplicate Detection Addon if you need to clean duplicate data elegantly and if you want to maintain good data quality in Microsoft Dynamics 365. “

The head of IT, Michael Schuldt, Wonderful Copenhagen

3 Mobil

I will recommend the addon to other companies that are looking for easy way to maintain data in CRM.

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Phillip Jørgensen
Business Data Manager – HI3G

Blue Cielo

I would recommend the tool to other users as it has proven to be a valuable addition in maintaining data in CRM.

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René Knaake
Global IT Manager – BlueCielo


Our members are the foundation of everything we do. We need to ensure that our teams can rely on our data in CRM. The build in CRM duplicate control capability comes with many gaps. For the last year we have in using the Duplicate Detection app from Techdio. The best app we have tried.

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Anna Hald
CRM Manager Oxfam Ibis

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

Duplicate values in business critical tables. 
The standard merge would take us 2 months to go through manually.

Using DD as a clean-up search and merge engine, we were able to do this within hours and with a significantly higher accuracy than a manual routine.

Thor Tankred
Senior Specialist, CRM, Mobility and UX Lead
Business Engagement and Applications


We always had an issue with the out of box duplicate detection rules within Dynamics CRM. The main limitations included only 5 rules per entity, taking 24-36 hours to publish the rules since we had over 2 million contact records. When we started looking for alternate solutions, we found the Cowia Duplicate Detection add-on. We requested a trial, applied to Sandbox environment, were satisfied with the outcome for several reasons outlined in their website. After procurement, we had some un-intented issues but the team supported and remedied quickly. We have been using the product for several years, no issues so far and highly recommend to other companies to detect, remove, merge duplicates across their business critical data. Thanks!

Satya Puvvada
IT Software Developer Sr, Enterprise Products

International customers