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Wonderful Copenhagen is the official tourism organisation of the Capital Region of Denmark Working to promote and develop both business and leisure tourism. The aim of wonderful Copenhagen is to drive tourism development in a sustainable direction.

“To begin with we tried the default duplicate detection functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365, but quickly realized that the default solution could not solve our needs. The Duplicate Detection Add-on from Techdio looked very promising. We have done some initial tests, and we were convinced. This product helps us define own duplicate queries easily and enables us to run the defined rules toward any data/object that exists in Dynamics 365. Features doesn’t stop here; it takes the steps further and provides functions for auto merge.

One of the great benefits was saving many merge hours/days/weeks with few clicks, and the result was clean data in Dynamics 365. The auto-merge feature also provides the option to merge the related records into the master record. The best part of the Duplicate Detection Add-on is that we are today in control of data as we can govern data by preventing users from the creation of duplicate records. We are very excited to further explorer the capabilities of the Duplicate Detection Add-on provided by Techdio.” “I definitely recommend Duplicate Detection Add-on if you need to clean duplicate data elegantly and if you want to maintain good data quality in Microsoft Dynamics 365. “

Michael Schuldt,
The head of IT, Wonderful Copenhagen

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TIAA Bank is an American diversified financial services organization under the auspices of New York-based TIAA. Based in Jacksonville, Florida. TIAA Bank provides banking, mortgages, and investing services throughout the United States Offering more, so you can accomplish more.

“We always had an issue with the out of box duplicate detection rules within Dynamics CRM. The main limitations included only 5 rules per entity, taking 24-36 hours to publish the rules since we had over 2 million contact records “ When we started looking for alternate solutions, we found the Duplicate Detection add-on. We requested a trial, applied to Sandbox environment, were satisfied with the outcome for several reasons outlined in their website. After purchasing, we had some un-intended issues, but the team supported and remedied quickly. We have been using the product for several years now, no issues so far and highly recommend to other companies to detect, remove, merge duplicates across their business-critical data. A great thing is that the add-on keeps continuously improving with new features.


Satya Puvvada
IT Software Developer Sr, Enterprise Products

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3 or Three is a global brand name under which several UMTS-based mobile phone networks and broadband internet providers operate in Hong Kong, Macau, Austria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The brand was founded in 2002 in Hong Kong. Registered Three customers worldwide numbered over 130 million.

The biggest challenge was to prevent users and integrations from creating duplicates. The default built-in duplicate tool does not have the option to prevent users and integration from creating duplicates, it only gives warnings. If you ask me the whole purpose of having duplicate function is to prevent duplicates in the system.

However, Duplicate Detection Add-on for Dynamics 365 helped us preventing new duplicates in our system and fast clean-up of existing duplicates using the bulk merge feature. In addition to this, we can create more advanced duplicates rules than before.

I will recommend this add-on to other companies that are looking for easy way to maintain data in CRM without duplicates. “

Phillip Jørgensen
Business Data Manager – HI3G

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BlueCielo is an independent global organization with unparalleled expertise and solutions contribute daily to the revenue of the largest global enterprises. Over 160 employees and a network of 50+ partners BlueCielo manufactures software to manage asset-related engineering information.

After several years of using CRM Online, we had a large number of duplicate records on account & contacts, and we needed to clean up. The add-on offers sophisticated bulk merge functionality based on a duplicates report generated via self defined dedupe rules. The standard CRM is way behind this functionality, so that was not an option for BlueCielo.

With the bulk merge function, plus other smart features such as trimming of data, we could efficiently tackle the large set of duplicates in an automated way. With standard CRM functionality this would have cost us months of manual work, so the add-on saved us a lot of time and effort. I would recommend the tool to other users as it has proven to be a valuable addition in maintaining data in CRM.

René Knaake
Global IT Manager

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Oxfam Ibis is an organization of people with a passion for global justice; people across the world with the will to make change happen; people who truly believe that the world can be different and more just. Together, we save, protect, and rebuild lives when disaster strikes. Together we can fight inequality. The organizations main assets are its members thus it is important they are in control of member data. As Anna Held, CRM Managers explains: “Our members are the foundation of everything we do. We need to ensure that our teams can rely on our data in CRM. The built-in CRM duplicate control capability comes with many gaps. Then we came across Duplicate Detection. For the last few year, we have been using the Duplicate Detection add-on from Techdio. The best add-on we have tried so far. It comes with a low annual subscription and helps us to define our own rules to detect duplicates. The best part of the app is once the rules are defined, they run in the background and prevent creation of new duplicates. This means that now we have reliable data in CRM. Another great feature is that Duplicate Detection works on all entities, custom or default, so it gives us possibilities to detect all duplicates in our CRM.

For us, the Duplicate Detection add-on is the backbone of better and duplicate free data quality in CRM. This enables us to better manage and govern data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM”.

Anna Hald
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MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is an organization that stands on the shoulders of giants. We strive to provide innovative, best-in-class solutions to meet the challenges of our industry. Co-developing offshore wind as an economically viable and sustainable energy resource to benefit future generations. The world's most powerful serially produced wind turbine “Our main Issue was with duplicate values in business-critical tables. The standard merge would take us two months to go trough manually and was unable to detect all duplicates in CRM. We tried with a few different solutions but ended up with Duplicate Detection as this add-on has proved to be the best possible solution for MHI Vestas Offshore Wind.

Using Duplicate Detection as a clean-up search and merge engine, we were able to accomplish this within hours and with a significantly higher accuracy than a manual routine.

Duplicate Detection is very easy to use, and once you make the rules and leave them active, they will prevent creation of new duplicates in your system across default and custom entities.

Whenever we had some questions or needed help support was always there to help us resolve issues.

I highly recommend this tool to other companies as it has proven to be most valuable solution for us to maintain clean data in CRM."

Thor Tankred
Senior Specialist, CRM, Mobility and UX Lead Business Engagement and Applications Read more >

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