Oxfam Ibis is a global organization fighting against poverty.

The organizations main assets are its members thus it is important they are in control of member data. As Anna Held, CRM Managers explains:

“Our members are the foundation of everything we do. We need to ensure that our teams can rely on our data in CRM. The build in CRM duplicate control capability comes with many gaps. For the last year we have in using the Duplicate Detection app from Techdio. The best app we have tried. It comes with a low annual subscription and helps us to define our own rules to detect duplicates. The best part of the app is once the rules are defined, they run in the background and prevent creation of new duplicates. This basically means that now we have reliable data in CRM. The duplicate detection app is the backbone of better and duplicate free data quality in CRM. that enables us to better manage and govern data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM”.

Anna Hald
CRM Manager Oxfam Ibis

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