Video Guides

Video Guides
Video Guides 2019-06-19T22:39:42+02:00

Tutorial 1:
Downloading the app

Length: 1:07

Tutorial 2:
Importing the Solution

Length: 0:49

Tutorial 3:
Assigning user security roles

Length: 1:11

Tutorial 4:
Disable CRM Duplicate rules

Length: 0:56

Tutorial 5:
Defining the Rules

Length: 4:04

Tutorial 6:
Bulk Detection

Length: 4:04

Tutorial 7:
Auto merge

Length: 6:33

Tutorial 8:
How to activate the License

Length: 1:00

Who is Techdio?

Techdio is a CRM partner located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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What is Techdio known for?

Techdio is known for:


OnPremise to Online

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Duplicate Detection

Duplicate free data in CRM

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Data integration

Scribe Elite partner & MVP house

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