What is Duplicate Detection

What is Duplicate Detection 2018-07-10T21:03:05+00:00

Duplicate Detection Addon for Dynamics 365

What is it?

Every Dynamics 365 system will benefit from this add-on. Say goodbye to the default duplicate detection limitations and welcome to clean data in CRM. Advanced Duplicate Detection is an app developed by Cowia/Techdio A/S. The apps helps companies maintain good data quality by preventing creation of duplicates in Dynamics CRM. The app also provides easy auto clean-up of existing duplicates.

Key features:

  • Deduplication/merge of custom entities
  • Increase data quality, prevent users or integration/s from creating new duplicates.
  • Define advanced duplicate rules without limitations
  • Maintain good data quality, increase productivity, bulk merge existing duplicates by defining bulk merge rules and not one by one as in default duplicate tool.
  • Provide overview through better reporting capabilities of duplicates.
  • Schedule bulk detection and bulk merge to run in background while you work on other tasks
  • Extends beyond the existing account/ contact/ lead/ case entities
  • Batch processing once rules have been validated and tested
  • Based on predefined rules, you can merge any number of records of any entity with one click
  • Fully integrated into CRM
  • No API development required

You are welcome to try the add-on for free and for unlimited time.

Free version has these two restrictions:

  • Bulk merge up to 10 rows per bulk detection job
  • One active duplicate detection rule