What is Duplicate Detection

In the modern business landscape, data feeds directly into revenue. When you are able to rely on your information because it is clean of duplicates, utilizes standard formatting, and has correct values in the critical fields, you can make confident decisions that lead to increased revenue.

Every Dynamics 365 or Power Apps system will benefit from this add-on.

Say goodbye to the default limitations and welcome to clean data.
Microsoft Preferred add-on for Dynamics 365 & Power Apps. Helping companies maintain good data quality by preventing creation of duplicates on all entities standard and custom.  Provides easy auto clean-up of existing duplicates.


With accurate data following benefits are usually achieved by our clients.

Increase revenue. Reliable and cleansed data supports effective decisions that help drive sales.

Save money. Up-to-date and accurate data can help prevent wasting money on ineffective tactics.

Improve customer satisfaction. Accurate and current data about your customers will help your marketers deliver the right messages at the right time and in the right place to move potential buyers to the next step in their customer journey.

Save time. Properly governed data should require less time and money to remediate.
Improve ROI. The aforementioned reduction in data remediation costs will result in a greater return on investment on data assets.

Key features:

Get overview of current duplicated data by running built-in reports.
Increase data quality, prevent users and integrations from creating duplicates on all entities.
Realtime Duplicate Detection helps your business capture duplicates before they get created.
Bulk merge existing duplicates. Define own merge rules across all entities.
Define advanced duplicate detection rules without any limitations.
Advanced two-word matching features.
Schedule bulk detection in background.
Merge any number of records on any entity with just one click.

Fully integrated into Dynamics 365 & Power Apps
No access to your data in any way. Everything is kept locally.
No API development needed.

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