What is Duplicate Detection

What is Duplicate Detection 2021-04-09T14:07:06+02:00

Duplicate Detection Addon for Dynamics 365

What is it?

Every Dynamics 365 system will benefit from this add-on. Say goodbye to the default duplicate detection limitations and welcome to clean data in CRM. Advanced Duplicate Detection is an app developed by Techdio A/S. The apps helps companies maintain good data quality by preventing creation of duplicates in Dynamics CRM. The app also provides easy auto clean-up of existing duplicates.

Key features:

  • Deduplication/merge of custom entities
  • Increase data quality, prevent users or integration/s from creating new duplicates.
  • Define advanced duplicate rules without limitations
  • Maintain good data quality, increase productivity, bulk merge existing duplicates by defining bulk merge rules and not one by one as in default duplicate tool.
  • Provide overview through better reporting capabilities of duplicates.
  • Schedule bulk detection and bulk merge to run in background while you work on other tasks
  • Extends beyond the existing account/ contact/ lead/ case entities
  • Batch processing once rules have been validated and tested
  • Based on predefined rules, you can merge any number of records of any entity with one click
  • Fully integrated into CRM
  • No API development required

You are welcome to try the add-on for free and for unlimited time.

Free version has these two restrictions:

  • Bulk merge up to 10 rows per bulk detection job
  • One active duplicate detection rule

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

Duplicate values in business critical tables. 
The standard merge would take us 2 months to go through manually.

Using DD as a clean-up search and merge engine, we were able to do this within hours and with a significantly higher accuracy than a manual routine.

Thor Tankred
Senior Specialist, CRM, Mobility and UX Lead
Business Engagement and Applications

3 Mobil

I will recommend the addon to other companies that are looking for easy way to maintain data in CRM.

Phillip Jørgensen
Business Data Manager – HI3G

Blue Cielo

I would recommend the tool to other users as it has proven to be a valuable addition in maintaining data in CRM.

René Knaake
Global IT Manager – BlueCielo

Why Duplicate Detection?

Detect all Duplicates
Define rules to detect all duplicate records in CRM including custom entities
Clean data in no time
Bulk auto-merge detected duplicates based on build-in capability, where you can effortlessly define the master record
Get rid of duplicate data in CRM
Prevent users or integrations from creating new duplicates and get completely rid of duplicate data in your CRM-system